Nipomo Condo Listings Sale

Condos are one of the smartest ways to purchase for those who are looking for a short term place to live as a starter home, and those who are looking to lower payments on real estate in Nipomo California. Condos in Nipomo are social, affordable, and a perfect pick for your style of living!

Luxury condos can be found in Nipomo for more than $300,000. Some of the most affordable condos can be purchased for less than $200,000. A condo provides the flexibility of owning, while helping you save money for your first home, or by just keeping payments lower. HOA fees take care of the areas outside of the walls in your condo. This keeps your community clean, safe, and functional.

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Nipomo Condo Listings

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Why Should You Consider Buying Nipomo A Condo?

  • Condos are generally more affordable than their single family home counter parts.
  • You don’t have a lease when you purchase a Nipomo Condo.
  • There is no exterior maintenance when you purchase a condo. It is usually taken care of by an HOA type entity.
  • Swimming pools, tennis courts, and basketball courts are often included amenities
  • Opportunity for social interaction with many neighbors.