Grover Beach Condominium Listings

Grover Beach is a beautiful central coastal city nestled right on the beach. With the beach no more than 3 miles from any home within the Grover Beach city limits, there is plenty of room to play, relax, exercise, and just have fun!

While a condo in Grover Beach doesn’t typically have a large beautiful yard, they actually have many other extras that compensate for that in a variety of ways. These often include, but are not limited to, swings, sports courts, common area barbecue, and a pool. A condo is a great way to own nice property in Grover Beach. A condo is essentially an apartment (though often bigger than an actual apartment) that you get to own. Condo listings in Grover Beach are often $150,000 – $300,000.

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Grover Beach Condo Listings

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Why Should You Consider Buying A Condo?

  • You can save money by purchasing a condo as opposed to other real estate.
  • When you buy a condo, that means you don’t have to sign a lease, it’s yours.
  • Not everyone likes to mow the lawn. Exterior maintenance is not your responsibility at a condo.
  • You have access to many included amenities
  • If you like to be social you will have the pleasure and safety of a lot of neighbors.